New special footage about love released for The Last: Naruto the movie


An interesting special footage was announced today for the upcoming movie The Last: Naruto the movie by the official The Last: Naruto the Movie Facebook fanpage (Post by 劇場版ナルト)

A special video was released for Japanese audience only.

It shows Naruto and his story along with the bonds he has made throughout the manga.

The video starts with the all-known painful smile of Naruto’s when he makes the promise of a lifetime to Sakura.

The one that we all know, that he will definitely bring Sasuke back to Konoha.


At the end of the video being shown to us the unexpected hug of Sakura’s for Naruto at the end of the battle with Pein and a crying Iruka after everyone starts throwing him up and down.

Then the scene slowly transitions to Naruto and Sasuke in their children ages doing the sign of reconciliation.

If you’re lucky and live in Japan, you can see the actual footage here.

However, if you’re unlucky like me and cannot access the video, you can always find it here.

I say it’s absolutely beautiful and despite this seemingly awful ending, this reminded me of the Naruto series I always loved and cherished.

Check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think!



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