Uncovering the truth behind the marketing strategies in regards to The Last: Naruto the movie poster containing Naruto and Hinata


As we all know, yesterday The Last: Naruto the movie brought us new promotional material. In that promotional material, we get to see Naruto and Hinata throughout the years and a Naruto seemingly reaching for the same-old introvert Hinata.

Along with the poster, we get different descriptions. From what I have heard, people are worrying about a certain line in there:

届くことのなかった想いFeelings that couldn’t reach/ get throughナルトとヒナタNaruto and Hinata二人の運命が今、交錯する!

Their fate are now connected/ mixed!

Now, I know how this might sound, I know this might be true, but as I spoke in my last theory post, given how this seems once again a heavy marketing campaign like the one in RTN, basically from here it stemmed to me the idea of the theory besides the weirdness of the finale, given how in my theory I told you at some point that Road to Ninja basically covered up some canon manga events that established the NaruSaku and MinaKushi parallel, that were molded to a new, parallel universe, that in the Limited Infinite Tsukuyomi, as it is presented to us in Road to Ninja, same seems to be happening in The Last: Naruto the movie as well with NaruHina.

Let’s look first at the poster:


Naruto and Hinata first as little genins and the first line of the lyrics: 届くことのなかった想い (Feelings that couldn’t reach/ get through). Now, let’s remember a little bit some manga events:


hinata-hyuga-confession-2 hinata-hyuga-confession-3

Good, now… you remember the previous marketing and the general description of the movie when it comes to Hinata?

The feelings that still haven’t reachedWhat is the conclusion?
The Konoha village where the winter festival is nearing. Naruto is in Ichiraku along with his friends he grew with. In the midst of all this, Hinata’s feelings that she poured in the scarf she made haven’t still reached Naruto.

Basically, if you look at this, it’s a replay of the manga events between Naruto and Hinata, since the very start, similarly prior to her confession.

Good, now, let’s move a bit on and then I’ll come back to the bolded in the aforementioned quote.

Next line says: ナルトとヒナタ Naruto and Hinata. Now, what could this be? Hmm, let me see for a minute here, I think I got something in canon manga! Oh, right! Events starting around 540 from where Kishi started to introduce the narrative feint, just like he did with Obito as Madara when he made Kisame recognize him and then everyone started to think it’s really Madara, although by that point, the obvious choice for everyone would have been Obito, the later revealed to be the first actual obvious choice. Meantime – without boring you with multiple manga pages, I’ll just leave some suggestive ones – NaruHina interaction goes like this:


Then, what does the latest part says to us? Oh, right: 人の運命が今、交錯する!(Their fate are now connected/ mixed! )

Hmm, I wonder, what chapter does that remind me of? Hmmm, maybe a certain one…

hinata-hyuga-naruto-615 hinata-hyuga-naruto-615-2 hinata-hyuga-naruto-615-3

Now, I’m gonna return a bit to the question they pose: Hinata’s feelings that she poured in the scarf she made haven’t still reached. What’s the conclusion?

Well, going backwards a bit and looking at what they want to imply given the flashbacks of the little Naruto and Hinata and how she, in the movie prepares that red scarf for him that is supposed to represent her feelings, after which they advertise the fact that their fates have now been connected, all we have to do is to look at the third instances I just described you until now from canon manga and look back at the theory together with my last post and you’ll understand what’s going on behind the scenes, I hope.

Remember what happened after all the connection between Naruto and Hinata? Oh, right, when he together with his half were at death’s door, who were the ones at their side? I don’t think I need to remind you, do I, about this?


Not to mention how interesting a certain panel placement starts around 539-540 where Kishi has started his narrative feint with the confusion of who exactly Sakura was talking about in 540, Naruto or Sasuke, when the letter nin confesses to her, after she has just declared her love for Naruto?


Oh, right, we get a fake Neji asking Sakura if she’s alright…

Is this maybe, an allusion to Chapter 3 with fake Sasuke complimenting Sakura’s forehead, who was actually Naruto, thus this way the author alludes that Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke are based on a fake image of his? Kind of like I said in these multiple instances before until now? I don’t know what to think. After all, things seem to be connecting now, you know?

In that same period of time, around 540 I started making these first theories about the possible power-ups Sakura might get and possible connections with Hashirama Senju and/or Kaguya.

And given these theories, funny enough in Databook 4 Sakura’s main affinities are water and earth, two of the elements that equal mokuton, as we’ve learned here:


Interesting how Kakashi explains how Haku was able to use Ice elements jutsu due to his Kekke Genkai… what does that mean, that I might be right and the Haruno clan is more than what they seem?
Interestingly enough also, at the same time, Naruto asks about other elements that are under Sakura’s belt: manipulation of yin and yang, medical ninjutsu and genjutsu.

And the most interesting enough, this happens at a time when Shikamaru battles Hidan, who had an immortality power through a ritual, that guess how it was symbolized:

A triad/triangle inside a circle. I talked about this triad concept in the beginning when I explained why Sakura showcases her powers this late and this is one of the concepts I based the theory with HashiramaSenju on.

Interesting connections, ne? And as we know, in the movie Shikamaru even talks about protecting the king Asuma entrusted him with! Maybe we will get to see besides NaruSaku awesomeness, some Sakura awesomeness?

Oh well, I guess we just wait and see, if these theoretical thoughts of mine come to pass or not. xD

What do you guys think? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below!



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