The Last: Naruto The Movie. The last Story, the first love: why I believe Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno are going to be canon + opinions on the movie’s plot teaser


The Last: Naruto The Movie. The last Story, the first love they say. So what could that mean?

Given the latest information we’ve got, I find myself more and more curious about this newest movie.

First, we got the movie’s teaser according to which the Narutoverse is about to be in danger.

The moon is near to collision! At this rate, with the Moon in collision course, it will fall down to the earth by becoming a meteorite! The countdown toward the Doomsday starts! How will Naruto hurdle this crisis?!


Most of the people around asked themselves but what about the moon?

Well, let me tell you a bit about what I believe…

Opinions on the movie’s plot teaser

As you know it from my Tumblr, I have been one of those people whose statements were that the Kaguya story felt too rushed on a hand.

And on the other hand, Black Zetsu comments. You know, before being sealed along with his mother in the moon, that he will wait for his mother’s revival.

In that moment I knew that Kishimoto isn’t gonna end this story here and now.

In my opinion, it’s just on hold and will be featured in the upcoming movie. Or one of the series of movies I suppose it’s gonna come like I already mentioned in Naruto ends in 5 weeks: from here and now on…

In my opinion, given that we knew so little about Kaguya, we are yet to find her whole background and the symbolism in regards to her characters.

As I’ve already written here, in my opinion Sakura has some sort of involvement/link with Kaguya. Or will have.

I am not saying necessarily clan backgrounds.

It might very well be just from the fact that both Kaguya’s third eye and the Byakugo seal have the same symbolism behind. And knowing Kishi, this could be it.

Of course, there I talked about lots of possibilities that might occur, but in the end, it will be what it will be.

With the moon in collision, it’s either Kaguya’s return as I said or it might be very well be the people. Or whatever the reason for which Kaguya was building an army.

I mean, she had to have a reason to build a Zetsu army, right? We know she came from a very far-away land, but that land was never mentioned to us.

So, maybe now, in this latest movie, we will finally find out.

I am curious to see how Naruto&co. deals with this.

Especially Hinata who seems to be having rather a sad figure. I am hoping that maybe, we will have more plot-involvement from the Hyugas as Kaguya is their ancestor via Hamura Otsutsuki. Who seems to be the direct ancestor of the Hyugas themselves. So, yeah, waiting really forward to it!

The Last: Naruto The Movie. The last Story, the first love: why I believe NaruSaku is going to be canon

Now given I have that cleared, let me get past to what I wanted to address.

And that is Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno’s relationship. I know, from this article paired with the team’s official tweet these latest days, everyone freaked out.

But I know I didn’t. Why? Because apparently, Studio Pierrot’s marketing team is doing an excellent job!

Why? Let’s be honest here, the whole world knows, even the Japanese people themselves, about the Western side and their shipping arguments.

What did Studio Pierrot and the other publishing teams did? Take the fact that the NaruHina fandom looked behind the simple meaning of a scarf and Hinata’s position.

And turned it into a international tease between the fans. Both articles even mention how the fans “want to dig” the scarf’s supposed significance and Hinata’s position.

Now, of course, everyone freaked out and took this as a positive hint from Studio Pierrot themselves. When all they did was ask themselves what about Hinata’s position and the scarf that fans so much want to dig about?

And it all started because of this poster:


The reason Studio Pierrot along the other asks themselves why fans dig about the scarf and Hinata is because as we can see, they intentionally put the scarf between both Hinata and Sakura.

And I think we all know why.

Now, what is my opinion on this first love? Well, the reasons I have already listed them several times in my two other posts, Japanese depiction of love in media and the famous NaruSaku forehead kiss scene and Naruto ends in 5 weeks: from here and now on…, so I won’t repeat myself.

Instead, I’m gonna leave you with what I consider to be real teasers in regards to this new love.

Besides the aforementioned reasons, we must remember the teaser we got in regards to Sakura’s beauty and how Naruto must be… what?

Thrilled, astonished? We don’t know but… that’s the teasing part.

Besides that, what else did we got? Well, let me tell you a little something that I noticed myself.

Why is it that besides the teasing from the narrator itself about Sakura’s beauty and (I suppose) Naruto’s astonishment on it, we get Sakura having little hearts behind her in one of the wallpapers you can get if you play the chakra games on their official website?


Wanna know what else makes me believe that this new love story they’re talking is about the love Sakura has for Naruto? On the same chakra points game they posted on the official website, on Sakura’s card with the 40 chakra points, we get none other than Yamato’s comment in regards to Sakura’s own feeling of helplessness in regards to the things she can do for Naruto.


What did Yamato comment on Sakura’s feelings for Naruto then?

That it’s not a matter that she feels the things she does for Naruto are small or big.

It’s how strong Sakura feels about Naruto that matters. And that in reality, Yamato could tell that Sakura… and this is where Kishi’s played a game with us with his authorial intent.

But I believe we all know what Yamato was about to tell Sakura, right?

This new love that has been featured, if we’re gonna take it by elimination cannot be other than the kind of love Sakura will realize she feels for Naruto.

I, personally, am sure of it! Of course, we have to wait until the movie’s come out to see it but I’m willing to bet my money on it!

What do you think? Who is the one that will find a new love? Feel free to let me know down below!

Till next time,



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