Latest song obsession: Feli – Timpul

After a long time skimming through many songs, with none of them sticking to me to get to that actual state of obsession, I didn’t though that this category will see the light of the day too soon. That is until one of my favorite Romanian singers, Feli, came out with her new video and song called “Timpul” which translates as “Time” in English.

Ever since I heard the song for the first time, which was 2 days ago, I’ve been listening to it on repeat. At first I thought to myself “oh, something new to change my musical planes”, and so I hit that play button on YouTube. And as I heard those first chords I was absolutely stunned, and here I am, two days later, still listening to it ever since. And absolutely everything about this song is perfect, the video as well!

Not only Feli uses methaphors such as “da-i timp timpului” which translates as “give time to time itself”, but the whole story of the video is absolutely breathtaking and the interpreting actors are from the “heavy category” of the Romanian culture, the actress playing the lady being none other than the great actress Maia Morgenstern, known to the English world for playing the role of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.



Feli is nothing but a breath of fresh air in the Romanian music, and as someone who watched her career, she’s the living proof that dreams can become reality if you “give time to time itself”. I’ve seen her in the days when she was singing covers or her own made melodies in the pubs of Timisoara, Romania up, then followed her path when she participated in The Voice – Romania, and here she is today.

Anyway, I’ll get back to my own stuff now, while continuing obsessing over Feli’s new song.

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