The Sibiu bear cub tragedy and the Romanian existential crisis

Paraphrasing one of the most popular Romanian operas, I start by telling you that I don’t knnow how others are, but me… when I think about what happened these past days in Sibiu, I get terrified. I feel like crying out of helplesness. This as a prime emotion. Then, I feel like transforming, as I was saying on my Facebook, in a barbaric beast and “repay” the ones who did what they did with the very same treatment. If not worse. Because when you see that justice isn’t made, sometimes you feel as if making it your own.

But, besides that, I don’t know how others are, but I have been hit my a major existential crisis. You get hit with many of those along one’s human life, from various reasons. However, this one hit me directly, somehow. From where did this even started? Well, I was reading someone’s blog, and their opinion about this whole matter in Sibiu. And well, she was perfectly saying that the scariest thing is this lack of humanity and empathy. And as I replied myself, that’s the thing that scares me the most, as well. But besides that, I feel as if I was effectively hit by an existential crisis ever since this thing happened.

You see, given my “storyteller” nature, I write. Along the times, I wrote either on my blog, or have collaborated with other people. Lately, I got to collaborate with a really nice tourism agency, where I had to write about… guess: Romanians and Romania, of course. Since, well, that’s what we’re promoting. And I usually enjoy about how nice and welcoming we, Romanians are. And about our nice connections to the animals around us. One of the articles I wrote sometime ago, was about the connection between the Romanian peasant and his horse. In a way, I think I was reliving my childhood from my grandparents countryside. There, I was effectively surrounded by animals: sheep, cows, horses, goats, you name it. And I dearly recalled how nice it was to go to the fields with grandma so that the animals would graze. And I was planning on writing a lot more on connections such as the aforementioned.

But then this happened. And here I am, sitting, thinking and wondering how am I going to write about how nice and welcoming we, Romanians, are when such thing happens? And it didn’t happen anywhere, but on the grandly called “Cultural European Capital” and big touristic objective. Aka Sibiu. How am I supposed to say “Come visit us, to see how nice and welcoming we are!”, when we aren’t even capable of caring for an animal the way we should. This would mean that I would be lying. And if one thing I was taught not to, was to lie.

Oh, and since we’re at the lying part, I am thinking about how I don’t even want to touch the mass-media subject. And the gross manipulation that is taking place. Or better said, thinking about mass-media and how they declare as the absolute truth the lie they’re promoting.
To report a cub as a hundred killos adult, and besides that, to show a really fierce looking bear about to attack. When in reality, we’re talking about a cub that chaotically ran around town being scared because some stupid people couldn’t properly take care of him.
How stupid do these specimens that are supposedly people think we are?

A minimum general knowledge of any human should tell him or her that an animal, when you think that an animal comes and eats you like that stupid MediaFax picture portrays, what happens is that that respective animal is sending you a simple message: get off, you’re on my territory. Because frankly, we are. Not only we’re destroying their territory, we’re destroying ours, too.

But you, like a supposedly superior in intelligence being, compared to that of the animal, should know that all you have to do is move along, and mind your own business.
Because in the end, all that these animals want is to be left alone. But no, we, the bipeds with supposedly greater intelligence, do anything but minding our own business. We leave them without habitat, then we whine about how they come on our territory and attack us.
Well, uhm, no? If we’d better preserve wildlife and its territory, we’d all live happily and in peace.

Anyway, I could say a lot more right now, but I think enough has been said. I wouldn’t be bringing nothing new to the table. Until later, I’m just trying to solve somehow my existential crisis…

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