Good news for Romanian wildlife: trophy hunting is now banned!

After all the mess and bad news from the past few days, good news finally come: Romanian Ministry of Environment bans trophy hunting! This historical decision comes after thousands of Romanian people opposed the waiver that was given the last few days, the one I was telling you about in the article where I wondered if we should call for Leonardo DiCaprio’s help again. Thanks God, we don’t need to do that now!

This decision, may I remind you, saved in the last minute the lives of 1691 brown bears, grey wolves, lynx and wild cats. Given that such decision increases now the risk for poaching, a new emergency service will be launched: SUAS – The Emergency Service for Wildlife, which will be under the line management of Internal Affairs.

But what happened to the animals involved in that order or the ones who will cause more damage? Well, in the light of the new events another procedure will be applied: killing will be the last solution when everything else has failed. Mainly re-homing the animals will be prioritized over anything else.

Now, as Agent Green said, although this decision has been made, we need to move to the next step that is:

– Prime Minister to back up minister decision with a Emergency Governmental Ordinance;
– SUAS to become operational latest by December 1st;
– Euthanasia instead of bullet as standard procedure when any other solution failed.

I also might add, as I told lady Cristiana Pasca Palmer, head of the Romanian Environment Ministry, we need to resolve the cause of the problem instead of the effects so that all her work won’t be in vain. What does that mean? Well, treat the cause – aka the mass deforestation which leads to the destroying of their natural habitat, leaving the animals without a home, instead of the effect that follows after their habitat has been destroyed – the animals being too many and risking of attacking domestic environments.

So thus, if we treat that cause, we’ll never have to worry about those effects and they will never have to worry that all the work they’ve done until now will be in vain.

Therefore, I salute and congratulate the measures taken and wish them all the best in the future for solving all the problems that are still unresolved!

But until now, let’s celebrate this small victory!

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