Should we call for Leonardo DiCaprio’s help again? Romanian Ministry of Environment derogates mass killing of wildlife

That’s the question that keeps bothering my mind ever since I found out a horrible news yesterday: Romanian Ministry of Environment is all in for the killing of Romanian wildlife.

552 bears, 657 wolves and 482 wild cats are going to be the target of a rifle gun after the Romanian Ministry of Environment gave a derogation that is meant to reduce the population of wildlife because apparently such wildlife threatens the domestic environment.

Apparently, they say those species harm the domestic environment, but nobody talks about how their own environment is wiped-out because of their incompetency of reducing the illegal cuttings that happen in our country, you know, the ones I talked about the last time, when Leonardo DiCaprio called-out the Romanian government in regards to our forests.

Moreover, head of the Ministry, madame Cristiana Pasca Palmer – after being held liable for the Ministry’s proposal -, tried to put down the indignation of the Romanian people by saying that every other Ministry did that, why are we acting out now, since well… others did it too without consulting the population, and so wiping off her hands clean and acting as if she doesn’t have any idea of the mass corruption that happened in this country, although the current Government party (or whatever they like to call themselves) she’s part of now came to power because of the corruption of the other ones before them.

Like how can one act with such a nonchalance is beyond me! How can one act surprised of our indignation although she very well knows the reasons she is in this Ministry from the very beginning is, once again, beyond me!

Yes, the others might have done that (killed our animals like crazy through these waivers from a law that no one respected anyways that is, just so we’re clear), and they did it corruptly with the doors shut, cutting down our access. But since you came to power now, and apparently want to do this the right way, transparent, don’t act like the people have no right to be in such a state, when you’re using that same reason that people are pissed about (that such waivers from the law have been given until now by the ones before you) to wipe off your hands with this derogation. Just don’t!

It’s like you’re telling us we’re stupid to our face and since the others did it, you’re free to do it as well, what’s our problem anyway?

The problem is that you took upon a responsibility when you accepted the proposition to be head of the Ministry of Romanian Environment. Besides the ineffective measures (if you ask me) that you took upon now with the illegal cutting of our forests (which by the way, I am sure by now that you know, constitutes the wildlife’s home), it’s your damn job to make sure as Ministry of – oooh, whadda ya know – Environment, that the present wildlife’s environment is safe from any harm. Not to reduce the wildlife because you cannot do your job and prevent those goddamn mass deforestations! You’re head of the Ministry of Environment, all of it, human and animal along, domestic and wildlife!

The solution is so damn simple, but everyone in that Ministry closes their eyes and covers their ears when most of the Romanian people say it: cancel all cuts until the environment is rebuild and ta-da: Problem solved! No threats for the domestic regions, and home for the wildlife, so that the domestic won’t be threatened. As simple as that. Just following a common sense logic.

So, what should we do now? Call again for Leonardo DiCaprio’s help because our own Ministry of Environment apparently cannot do their job properly? Should we shame ourselves to the whole world like we did it by now since it was necessary for an international star to point out our wrongdoings regarding our management of our environment to our Government, or should we goddamn learn from our mistakes, solve our own problems and repair the damages we’ve done?

I’d so like an answer to this. But until then, I think I’d rather call for DiCaprio’s help…

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