Leonardo DiCaprio joins the fight for Romanian forests

Yeah, I’m late to the party with this news but guess what? I don’t care! The news itself is so big that who cares about timing, anyway? Well, actually one should care about timing when it comes to other stuff, like… our forests for example. Now when it comes to that, the timing is always important.

And speaking of which, Leo couldn’t have been more on time than this! We’re on the verge of remaining without big parts of our forests, some that should have been Natural Parks protected by law, or introduced in UNESCO’s patrimony. But that isn’t happening. Why? Because in Romania the corruption is so big that day by day our forests are simply wiped off the surface of the Earth. But guess who interfered and “pulled the sleeve” – as we like to say here in our country aka warning someone – of the Romanian government in regards to our forests and the danger that they are in?

Yes! None other than Leonardo DiCaprio himself!

You cannot imagine the joy I felt when I read the news on the big news outlets. My quite-sleepy-spirit rose above all and I almost wanted to start jumping around the house like a kid. But I’m an adult, and so, I behaved. But boooy, I haven’t shared something on my Facebook profile as fast as this in my lifetime!

Our voices are too unimportant for everyone around here, as the illegal lodging still happens and the¬†Environment Ministry barely produces any effective solutions to stop that, given that everyone is aware that in Romania not the laws itself are the problem, but the corruption, and thus we’d need some¬†very clear, black and white laws that leave no room for interpretation or detour with some prefabricated certificates (hello corruption, again!).

Because you know how this works? A seemingly “helpful” law is given that apparently would help the illegal cuts, but then the “good guys” find ways to detour it with papers and thus the source of the problem – aka cutting down the trees -, still remains because “we have papers that shows the cutting is legal”, know what I mean? And any civic action you want to take is cut down from the very beginning because “we have papers that shows everything we do here is legal”. Because to hell with the consequences of your cutting right?And so, this is how our forests are simply ‘razored off’ the face of the Earth, and no one gives a damn about the impact such thing leaves behind – like hills just ‘avalanching’ because there are no tree roots to hold them, people remaining without houses after big floods because guess what? No soil to absorb the water because it went downhill because no trees, and so on and so forth? See how this all connects?

They’re basically destroying an entire ecosystem and no one gives a damn! Okay, bar that, some do give a damn. Like Leo and Greenpeace volunteers that so much fought for our forest, thanks God!

So, thank you Leonardo DiCaprio for using your voice to speak about something so important to us! And to everyone else, of course! Blessed be your souls!

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