Are you in Ardeal and can’t find pastries like you used to eat at your mother’s place in Oltenia?

Nothing simpler! If you didn’t know about this up until now, do know that we have a way out: you can find all this in Cluj, on the Memorandumului street, at the Gigi bagel shop.

I don’t know how others are regarding pastries, however I am used to those from around and from Oltenia itself. Because oh well, the saying that goes “like the way they do it back home” isn’t for nothing.

I’m not saying that the pastries they have here are bad, especially the ones with cheese and onion. But sometimes, the way they do it back home feeling comes around, and you kinda miss the pastries you have back there, in Oltenia.

Well, that was basically me up until recently: a girl from Oltenia, now living in Ardeal with a great longing for the classical pastries they do back home.

For a very long time I was sad because I thought I wasn’t going to eat pastries like home. I wasn’t finding anywhere those kind of pastries. That was until yesterday, when after meeting my dear colleagues from an old workplace of mine, on my way home, I don’t know how, I finally get to see the bagel shop from Memo. In the bus station, where it was nicely written: pastries with salty cheese. And they looked like the ones on Independentei back home. Yum!

So, if you’re from Oltenia like me, and live in Ardeal, Cluj, and you’re in an eternal pastries looking, the way they do it back home never forget that on Memorandumului street awaits you dearly, Gigi bagel shop.

Until next time sweet kisses,


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