Today I gifted myself a piece of childhood

Today was a pretty full day, however in my lunch break I managed to get myself a little present. A small piece of childhood, as in:

Yep, you saw it well. My gift consisted of a small bouquet of daffodils from a grandma who was selling them on the steps of a shop in central Cluj.
Initially, being in a hurry, I didn’t quite observed her as I was walking pretty fast. However, a strong yellow tone robbed my gaze among all that lunch break rush hour craziness. So I said to myself that I definitely have to have one of those wonderful bouquets.
So, as I returned from my affairs in the area, I laid next to the grandma and asked her how much. Of course I bought myself one.

Although I made myself a little joy, I couldn’t help but observe the sadness from the eyes of this old lady. She was sitting there, looking all hopeless, while we were all passing by her, unhindered. And still, she did all that, without complaint, although she would’ve had enough reasons to do so. From the really hot weather to the black clothes she was wearing. In times like these, your problems start to look so small in comparison.

I recalled my childhood. More exactly, my grandma and the work she used to do in the countryside. At home, in the yard, and on the fields. And how afterwards, she went at the local market in the city to sell the harvest she got that year.
So then, in remembrance of my childhood and my grandma who made that childhood absolutely magical, and as a token of appreciation for the work the grandma I met today did, I said to myself I have to buy that bouquet of flowers. Natural ones.
By the way, you know how splendid the scent was? I miss the flowers with their own, natural scent. Flowers nowadays do look beautiful on the outside, indeed. However, when it comes to their inside, their essence as in their smell, everything is so fake. I couldn’t even say fake. It’s just… not there. All it’s empty.
But, anyway, that’s just another subject for another time.
I will stop for now. Until next time, I think we could all somehow help in this matter by helping one of these old ladies, as best as we ca. By buying one of their flowers, offering a good thought, a smile, whatever. Something.
Maybe it’s too cliche what I’m saying now, but you know as they say here in Romania: dar din dar se face Rai. Which would roughly translate as by giving you create Heaven. Meaning, by giving it’s good for you and for the other. It’s all almost perfectly, heavenly. Anyway, this is another concept that’s to be discussed at another time.

Until then…

Yours truly,


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