#VisitBogata or how rapper Snoop Dogg turned a Romanian village into a famous place

I think that by now everyone knows about rapper Snoop Dogg’s Instagram mistaken check-in in Bogata, Romania. Well, as expected, this turned out to be one hell of a funny story by the end of it.

Initially, apparently Snoop wanted to check-in to another phonetically-related place, the all-known (at least for those of us who watched enough soap-operas back in the days) Bogota, Colombia. If I am not mistaken and memory serves me well, Yo soy Betty, la fea was filmed there.

Well, and from here on everyone knows how it went: on Snoop’s side, he realized the mistake he’d made with the check-in and in the end, edited the thing and made a promise to his Romanian fans that soon he’ll be there to pay a proper visit.

On the other side, Romanians did what they could best. First, #VisitBogata became an international renown hashtag that turned the small village of Romania into a big hit.

Second, we also have an official website dedicated to Bogata called well, you’ve guessed it where a funny message awaits you as you’ve landed:

Snoop Dogg checked into Bogata by mistake – but you don’t have to! Find out more on why you should visit.

Visit Bogata

As this message salutes you, a series of reasons to visit Bogata follow, including the all-famous internet speed American politician Bernie Sanders so much found unacceptable (a thing I plan to write about myself soon here, as a response to a friend of mine on why the whole confusion regarding this infamous tweet).

And last but not least, a well-known Romanian author who writes nice and catchy poems called Flick Domnul Rima dedicated Snoop a nice poem in what you’d call a romglish language (aka a combination of Romanian and American English).

So how was this experience viewed by everyone? I believe this is what they call a win-win situation.

We’ll get to see Snoop soon as we await for him to fulfill his promise to visit, while Bogata is now a world-renown place for relaxation. Thank you, Snoop Dogg for managing to do with a single mistaken (mind you!) check-in, what Romanian authorities find it so hard to accomplish – turn a small village with extraordinary touristic potential into a pearl of Romanian tourism. We owe you one! 

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