Oh, and by the way – regarding the anti-smoke law

A lot of noise on this subject, and I believe that opinions about it you can find everywhere. I think this was in the end the whole objective with this law regarding smoking – just lots of noise. But that’s just my opinion. I won’t go into details, because that means I’d chose something that’s not in my benefit, which I clearly won’t do.

I just wanted to show off a really cool thing I bumped into, just like that, in a cold March morning. On that day the famous anti-smoke law came to be.

So, as I was walking in the morning, with my head on the ground kind of, trying to warm my face with the help of my jacket’s collar, as soon as I raise my look for a more normal angle (so I don’t get my head banged in God knows what), surprise surprise as something shows up in my way.

I smiled. I said, well… this couldn’t be so bad now, could it? At least some make it funny. And it was double the fun when I got to the new job (which I adore, btw), and guess what the suject of discussion was among my team?

I’ll give you a hint.

Duhanitu nu-i slobod! (which would roughly translate as Smoking isn’t let loose – around here).

So yeah, this is what I wanted to say. Also, I promise it sounds funnier in Romanian. Anyway…


eternal me,


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