Latest song obsession: XYLØ – Afterlife (with pieces of my heart)

I’m finally back on here too. Missed it for quite a while. Missed writing here.

At the very moment, I’m not feeling excellent… there are a lot of things going on in the world right now and I feel as if for some reason I am bearing the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Speaking of the things going on in the world and the weight of the world on the shoulders, there’s a song I keep listening to lately. It’s called “Afterlife” and it’s sang by Xylo.

I keep connecting to a certain part of the lyrics like I’ve never felt before with any song, for a reason. If you’re wondering what part, I’m going to leave the lyrics here:

Don’t watch T.V. no more
The news fuckin’ scares me, new world war
And I don’t wanna run away, no
I need a fuckin’ holiday


Especially with the first part. It’s a long time since I watched TV. Not only I consider it a big waste of time, but the quality in content dropped like never before, in my opinion. There’s nothing you can actually learn from or something that can stimulate you, intellectually speaking. And just like the song says, the news at the TV scares me, most of the times and out there it looks like a new world war…

I mean, I know how the mainstream media works, I know it’s made to scare the shit out of you or make you think in a certain way, and I hate that. I hate that a system that should keep transparency over the situation of the world is used for more terrible purposes like panic inducing or hate instigation via wrongly portrayed narratives.

And to think I wanted to have a career in Journalism, some years ago… but when I finally understood the deal behind the curtains, I wanted nothing more with it.

I don’t know, maybe I’ve gotten more pessimistic but how can one keep oneself optimistic and hopeful when you see the things around the world? I know that that’s just another way the mainstream media is used but it’s hard trying to keep hopeful even when you know this. But anyway, I’m trying to keep my hopes up.

And I don’t even want to talk about that part with new world war… With the newest situation in Europe with the Syria refugees it’s hard to not envision something like this. And you know what’s disappointing? Seeing people hating each other, seeing the same situation that happened years ago back with the 9/11 in USA happening here too, in Europe.

Because of a bunch of religious extremists a whole population will be blamed and hate directed at them is gonna happen again. That’s what I envision and see all around me. My Facebook is filled with it.

And I just wish people would understand that a handful of people doesn’t represent all the people. But no one will remember that because well, the terror feeling has been already spread and the media is also making a good job at keeping it.

And it feels sucky-ish. It feels that way because almost every time that people of different opinions and religions and you name it, look like becoming more closer and solidarity-centered towards one another despite their differences, the harder they try to break us apart and make us hate one another. Who is they you might ask yourselves? I don’t know either, all I know is that there’s someone behind those curtains, that directs these kind of things. It’s stupid not to see it because it’s like in our faces. How come that every time the peace seems to settle down in the world there must be a war starting somewhere?

Anyway, I think I’m derailing a bit but yeah, I just felt like getting these feelings out of my chest. I just hope that we don’t end in the same predicament that happened 14 years ago in the USA. Because it’s been shown by people all around the world that that incident was more of an arranged thing than an accident. And innocent people died because of it. And I don’t want to see that again. Bah, anyway… I should be ending things here before I derail again.

With this being said, see you next time!



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