This is… Romania!

For a long time now I’ve observed how others like to paint Romania the way they want or the way they deem fit for… maybe their ratings? Reasons could be definitely a lot, from the most curious to the most mischievous ones.
Historically speaking, this country has been through thick and thin but somehow we’re still here. Like any other country out there, we also have our less pleasant sides that we, as people, are trying to better.

No one in this very world is perfect but I can’t help but notice how over the years, due to influences from all kind of parties, political, military and whatnot, Romania’s face is painted differently. All kind of people come to paint us the way they think Romanians are, not knowing really our soul, our tradition, our vibe and for what our hearts beat.

We are simple people, all we really wish is to live a decent life and enjoy the beauties of our land. We’re not the people TV news talk about, magazines or tabloids. A lot of mainstream media channels have started from what I’ve seen some sort of anti campaign about Romania under the veils of “getting to know” Romania.

Want to get to know Romania? Want to really know it behind all the sinful veils that have fallen on all types of people, societies and civilizations?

Well, if you really want to know it, then look at these images, observe our natural beauty and tune your soul to the chords of Ciprian’s Porumbescu music and you’ll understand who or what Romania really is, behind all the historical, military and political influences.

This is Romania. This is our land, this is our home.

The images shown in the video are from the following places:

The Apuseni (or what you’d call – of the sunset), Draganului Valley, Danube Delta, Sibiu’ Grove, Sighisoara, Cazanele Dunarii (or what you’d call Danube’s Cauldrons), Targu Jiu’s Column of Infinity (built by Constantin Brincusi), Sibiu, Bran Castle, Hunedoara’s Corvinus Castle, Sinaia’s Peles Castle, Brasov’s Market of the Saint One, Cluj-Napoca, Valea Sesii’s burried in barren church, Sarmizegetusa Regia – The Capital of the Dacian Kings, and Bucharest – Romania’s current capital.

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