“Discover Romania!” or how to steal from others and pretend it’s yours.

Few days ago, while sitting there and browsing through the internet like any other human being, I get to the all well-known Facebook.
There, what do my eyes see? Nothing more than my darling and dear baldemic ex-colleague, but also friend Oana Kovacs, signaling a so-called travel site from Romania that has just stolen an article from another good friend and baldemic ex-colleague, Roxi.

Ever since I met these two, I know of the fact that from time to time they gather around and talk about what they have visited lately. They do so in the meet-ups they have at Ghiduri Turistice.

Well, Roxana’s last Ghiduri Turistice’s tale was how in Romania, in the oldest church ever, they still carry along religious ceremonies. Fabulous, isn’t it?
No matter if we’re religious people or not, it is still something to admire if we stay and think a little about how old that building is. But still, after years have passed over it, it still houses faithful people on the Sunday ceremonies. This fact alone makes it a monument worthwhile visiting. A small jewelry of our country.

All nice and dandy up until now, right? Oh well, after this follows the interesting part. What am I given to observe on Oana’s Facebook? A link towards so-called traveleurope.ro where, guess what?! Exactly – Roxana’s article from earlier, taken without even mentioning the source. For common sense, at least…

Of course, when I saw such thing, I couldn’t help it and I went to ask them what do they think Ghiduri Turistice have to say about that?

Comment translates as: It’s nice to steal articles from others, right? I wonder what Ghiduri Turistice would say about this?

Of course, my commentary didn’t get approval. The sources weren’t mentioned, either.

We see, of course, the source of the picture it’s there, as outside this country laws are applicable. Even in the virtual world. But in Romania? Aah, leave it at that…

Of course, I was curious to see if my message got to them, so I went to their Facebook page and left them a message there, as well…

Comment says: I would be ashamed in your place with a page named “Discover Romania”, to STEAL an article from other companies without AT LEAST mentioning the source, not talking about if we are allowed to take the article over, that’s already “too much”, and also when someone sends you a comment to signal the problem, not give it an approval. However, of course, how to do that when it incriminates you?
Discover Romania how? Through the example of stealing? SHAME on you! This is the image of Romania you want to promote? Congrats, you just made yourselves look shitty. I would be ashamed to promote Romania through this kind of tactics!

I observe that in Romania, not only on a day to day basis the method of stealing is practiced. In the virtual medium, as well, too! Well, well, you, a 9000+ likes page do this?

Really? This is the example of Romania you give? And we’re wondering why others from other countries look at us this way? Well, with such examples, there’s no wonder…

I’d be ashamed, really…! I’d be ashamed to represent Romania THIS way! As I said earlier, shame on you!

Like any other Romanian nowadays, you’d like all the glory, but God forbid you actually work hard for it!

Shame on you! Especially with such a “brand” name!

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