The Atlas of Beauty: Romania’s most beautiful gift to the world

Many of you already know what I’m talking about when I’m saying talking about the Atlas of Beauty. Many of you have already seen it on big names such as CNN, The Telegraph, Huffington Post and all these other big names.

As we all know by now, the project Atlas of Beauty was started by a fellow Romanian woman who, packed with the great wish to show that beauty means more than just looking good in front of the cameras, started to travel the world, went to its roots, from Western Europe to African tribes, like Mihaela says herself to show that beauty means to keep alive your origins and your culture.

Romania ; Source

As we’ve seen, her idea was a success and now Mihaela wants to continue going around the world to photograph these wonderful ladies that show us that beauty is more than the standards imposed.

That beauty comes in many shapes.

Iran ; Source

Now Mihaela wants to get back on road and do more photos like these, however, she needs our help. Living in a country such as Romania where the standard for living is not that great, to continue this project is very hard for her, financially speaking. It is because of this lack of money that her road stopped in the middle and she returned home, stopping the production of this wonderful project.

Ethiopia ; Source

Now Mihaela calls upon us to help her continue this project. If you’re interested in giving a hand and what does all this imply, go here and read more about it.

Let’s make the world more beautiful! Help Mihaela achieve this wonderful thing. Help Romania give the most beautiful gift to the world: appreciation for beauty and cultural backgrounds.

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