Cool video: guys went skiing wearing LED suits

So as I was doing my work today, suddenly I get prompted with this article about a video about two guys going skiing wearing led suits.

Besides of the fact that when I first read the URL’s name I read something as “guys kissing” and I was wondering why out of all the things in the world I would be sent this (no, I don’t have a problem with guys kissing, to each their own, but the context of things is different here, just so we’re clear), I even get to read one of those long shock-value titles that I so much hate?

So then, after I get past that part, I get to the video, with a face expressing most likely annoyance. But then, I get to see the video…

My previous annoyance with the shock-value type of titles immediately washed off when I saw the contents of the video. It was absolutely spectacular! The colors, the music, the landscape, the snow, all these details mixed together are just plain wonderful!

After that, the joy even grew when I read the video’s description:

From the depth of the creative visuals to the groundbreaking, never-been-done-before scale of the shoot, Afterglow is being hailed as one of the most cinematically profound ski movies ever. From Sweetgrass Productions, full film:

Outside TV

I immediately went, yass, there’s moar to it!

Apparently this piece of video is part of Sweetgrass Production’s film called Afterglow – the video’s name, which you can watch in full mode here.

This will probably be in my list of forever to love videos, haha! Check it out for yourselves, I promise you, you won’t regret any minute of it and the visuals will blow your mind! It’s a visionary orgasm if you ask me, pardon the comparison! Also, the music accompanying the video is spectacular as well, both of them blending in together just perfectly!

Enjoy for yourselves!



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