In light of recent developments: Naruto 693

It’s gonna be a short post, since I am kinda on the run and in-between stuff. I just wanted to leave you with some of my thoughts about the latest chapter and mainly, Sasuke Uchiha and his bonds.
The latest chapter basically proves what I have been saying or thinking always…

Sakura is NOT so important to Sasuke, the only one important enough is Naruto. He has been the one who has been influencing him and in his mind, probably, keeping him from finding his “peace” is Naruto.
Thus he’s the one who Sasuke wants to kill. Sakura is so petty and not important to him that it’s like sorry to say it but… he trashed her to the bin by putting her into a genjutsu.

Of course, Sasuke will come to senses and eventually will acknowledge them all, Sakura included, because while Sakura might be crazy to some, she does have a point: what Sasuke is missing is love. But not the love she thinks he needs and she thinks she has/can offer to him, as in, the romantic one, but the familial one. That’s the love Sasuke needs, as proven when he does thank Sakura for her love, back in Pt 1.
Because the reason why Sasuke couldn’t bear Sakura’s love deep down inside him – and besides the real fact that he really didn’t had any interest in her, at all, but she was a precious comrade at some point-, is because Sakura’s love reminded him of his mother’s love. The care, the pampering and all. Remember how Sakura used to peel apples for him and everything. She really did act like a mother type of figure to him, although she also acted like a rabid fangirl at a point and only afterwards, she understood that it’s not what he’d want, but she still remained with the wrong idea of what love Sasuke would need.
The problem with Sasuke is that while I am sure he did appreciate the care, love, etc – that’s the reason Kishi says in the databook that the one who filled his loneliness with the emotion called love is Sakura – it wasn’t the type of love he needed/wanted.
But it was a type of love that reminded Sasuke of his own mother. That’s why he thanked Sakura and he did consider her precious at some point (remember his words to Naruto when about to sacrifice himself in the battle with Gaara), but that’s why he was so harsh with her at the same time. While she was busy fangirling for him, Sakura did some good deeds from the bottom of her heart, but what she didn’t realize is that it also kind of hurt Sasuke. Of course, miss-communication in the middle… but, for a self-aware person, Sakura was pretty self-absorbed in her love for Sasuke (another point Kishi is/was trying to convey) and forgot to think what about him?
The reason Sasuke was harsh is because this girl that he had no interest in, still remembered him of his mother through the care she showed for him. While he did appreciated it, it also stepped on his toes, in a way, because this girl was there giving the care or a substitute to that, of his mother while his mother was dead.
And it was something he was trying to forget and only focus on his revenge but Sakura did take him out of his way few times… through that care and love. But that care and love hurt Sasuke and couldn’t accept it because it reminded him of his family, especially his mother (that’s why Sakura does have some similarities with Mikoto Uchiha in a way as well, just not in the way SS-ers think). It’s funny because the excuse that what Sakura feels is motherly love for Naruto is actually viceversa… she feels it for Sasuke.
But she didn’t or doesn’t realized it yet (this is a tricky one here, expecting for further developments to be able to tell), and the gigglish love with butterflies in the stomach she feels it for Naruto and in this aspect, she’s similar to Kushina, besides the other similarities.

So yeah, the reason Sasuke made sure to cut his ties with Sakura first is because Sakura was the one that reminded him of his family, especially his mother and her love and care, and thus, in order to be able to better focus on his revenge, knowing that Sakura is weak when it comes to him, at that time both physically but especially emotionally (like she still is in a way, today), he cut the ties with her and that was it.

From then on, Sakura dropped on the scale of important people or taking into consideration people, she basically just exited the list as a whole.

The only one who affects him is Naruto because Naruto keeps reminding him of Itachi and Itachi was, is and will always be, as we can see, so important to Sasuke. Basically his whole live revolves around Itachi, Itachi is the no. 1 winner of Sasuke’s list.

But the intriguing part is that Naruto is similar in a way and reminds him of his brother, and thus, Sasuke wants to cut that last tie. But Naruto confuses him. All that Sasuke ever did was to make his own decisions, on a extremely, severely (if you want to call it like that) reality scale in regards to the system, based on what he knew about Itachi’s experiences.
However, the answers he provided Sasuke with it’s the most intriguing thing there… If Itachi was a victim of this system, why is it that he has the same ideals and somewhat supports Naruto? So thus, his goal gets questioned/fuzzy by Naruto’s presence and idealism, his way of being.
So what’s the most simple way? Kill him! Naruto is so important on Sasuke’s list that after Itachi, he was the second he wanted to kill for a greater good sacrifice (in this mind, of course, that part is debatable).

However, Sakura isn’t even that important. At all! Realistically speaking, while in a crazy-twisted way – yes, I give you that -, Karin was/is important to Sasuke.
Not only he decided she is important enough to kill for his greater good sacrifice, but when he realized that actually Karin had no fault, and he shouldn’t have done so because she is just a victim as he is (especially after he found out about her heritage, the only other clan that suffered the same – approximately – extinction fate as his clan), he apologized to her in a deep, honest way.

Sakura is sadly, so unimportant to him at the moment, that she doesn’t even get that. I know it’s awful to say, I agree with you, but don’t forget here that we’re talking from Sasuke’s morally point of view. That’s all I am saying.

Of course, there will be a time when all this will end, because like I said, Sasuke considers himself lonely because he has no family and he doesn’t understand that bonds do not drag him down, no! Bonds with friends and comrades actually fill up that “empty heart” – remember the Obito analogy. It wasn’t just to parallel Naruto, keep that in mind. Kakashi and Obito’s fates got mixed at some points that they interchanged parallels with Naruto and Sasuke. Their former selves remind us of Team 7, while the older ones are supposed to give us an idea about what Team 7 is about to come, in the future. Dunno if late future or close one. That Sasuke should become like Kakashi and regret his stuff, that Naruto needs to remain true to itself or else he can suffer Obito’s fate, only that with Obito getting back to his old, former self, kinda gives us an idea. The only mystery is Rin and Sakura… But anyway, getting past that.

Like I said, there will be a time when all that will end and all will be pink and happy and giggly. But until then, they still gotta go through a lot.

But that’s mainly about Sasuke and some of his bonds and the plot of this manga. This chapter, what can I say, only reinforces my beliefs in regards to how the manga will end.

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