Latest song obsession: Denai Moore – The Lake (Finn Pilly Edit)

Not gonna talk a lot about it, because by now you surely must’ve grasped the “Latest song obsession” category’s concept, therefore, I’ll just jump the gun and tell you what’s my latest song obsession.

This time, we’re talking about Denai Moore – The Lake (Finn Pilly Edit). I absolutely adore this song. If you want to set your mind free and just relax around the house or anything else with a song behind the back of your brain, haha, like I usually like to call it, then Denai’s The Lake is an absolutely perfect choice!
At first, I have to be honest, I couldn’t put my hand on the voice, if it was a female vocal or a male vocal and thus, this thing intrigued me so I decided to look who exactly Denai Moore is. And I found out that she’s a wonderful composer, of Jamaican origins, whose music include generally beats of soul and folk but in my opinion, what gives this song so much life is Denai’s own absolutely stunning and wonderful voice.
Paired with the acoustic guitar and those distant strings in the background, The Lake is an absolutely gorgeous song! All merits go to this wonderful 19 years old girl whose voice, for me, I’ve gotta tell you, sounds out of this world!
I will definitely look forward to hearing more from her!

If there’s one small regret I have, is that I haven’t heard about her earlier, maybe back in the days I was in UK, I could’ve listened to her wonderful voice live and maybe meet her in person. For me, Denai is one of those one of a kind voices which you’d like to hear live at least once in your life.

From what I read, she’s barely at the beginning of her career although she has been producing music since she was … be prepared: SEVEN YEARS OLD! Imagine the geniality in this wonderful soul! ♥

Anyway, without boring you too much with my talk, I’ll just leave her voice to speak out for herself, which I promise you, it’s GOD SENT!

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