Latest song obsession: Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Akon – Kush

As you probably know by now, from my previous post, I started a new blog category. Which one? Yup, this one: laaaatest song obsession.
So as I was telling you back there, once in a while, when I find a song that gets to my heart in that way like “OMG I need this song like the Oxygen in my lungs!”, I listen it to extinction, lol. As in, until it gets out of my system, until I’ve listened it so many times that it gets on my nerves or it already bores me, otherwise I won’t stop listening to it… at all!
Therefore, with these being said, I present to you my latest song obsession:

What I like about it? Pfft, lots of stuff… the bass hits hard and this is one of the things I love in songs, no matter the genre I listen, the bass has to hit hard. Another thing would be the acoustic and those piano keys in the back. Man, they’re killer! 

Other reasons? Well, don’t know, there really are many but the last I’m gonna give it’s rather really simple: Dr. Dre, Snoop… what do you need more? I think I’ve said enough. Akon is okay as well, don’t get me wrong but… Dre and Snoop. That’s all I have to say, haha. And no, nothing against Akon, he’s just more of a newly come, that’s all.

Oh, and also what sold me out was the video!

I mean, I don’t know know about you but I love the effects, the lights, the view over New York
Sorry but any video that has this combination – view over New York with killa’ lights and skyscrapers – has won my heart in a … heartbeat. I mean, view over New York… and at night… How could one not love that? And yes, one of my dreams is to visit New York one day and stand on one of those skyscrapers either at day or night. Fine by me. I prefer both, haha.

So yeah, probably you understand why I also love the video now.   Like I said, reasons to love the song and the video are many… to each his own I guess, but till next time I am gonna find a new song to obsess over, Dr. Dre’s + others’ Kush is my new obsession.

That’s it. If you have a song you’re obsessing over and wanna share, feel free to do it down below, if not, maybe you give it a listen to this one. Or not. Haha.

Till next time,



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