Disproving fanon fact according to which Sakura Haruno isn’t from a ninja clan + one last theory

NOTE: Since this is a recovered article, some of the links presented in here might not work, due to the fact that I wasn’t able to recover all my posts.

Ok, so, initially I began doing theories and theories on how Sakura is connected with this whole symbols thing, what power-ups she might get, a possible Slug Sage mode, yadda yadda yadda. It all first started when I made my first theory about Sakura getting the Yin Seal [as we knew it at that time] + other possible extras, given certain factors I observed in Kishi’s writing here (aka  Sakura Haruno’s possible character development).

After that theory, I noticed that besides the later-revealed-to-be-named Byakugo seal, which she could get given she is the student of the Fifth Hokage – Tsunade, and given Kishi’s writing mechanisms being heavily based on a certain literary device – as in parallelism, when I saw that Naruto and Sasuke had walked the footsteps of their masters and even more, I knew back then, that Sakura is connected to way more. So then, I made my very first theory, breaking the grounds of just stepping on the master’s paths and surpassing her.

As we all know it, I wrote Kishimoto foreshadowing Sakura’s development via Hashirama Senju because, I had seen the similarities between the Haruno symbol and Hashirama’s forehead mark, but in the mean time, about the same time, I noticed another link. The very same sign appeared on Naruto’s clothes as well. And given how from the previous theories I had been witnessing that these symbols are connected somehow, I made Prepare to be mindblown… Kishi’s subtle hints?
Actually, the one with Kishi’s subtle hints I made it first and afterwards, based on it I made the Hashirama one. But I was juggling with them, given I had a lot of research to do, read manga countless times, so on and so forth.

After Hashirama appeared and Sakura also got Byakugo seal, about that time, I sustained that, although Hashirama had just appeared with a new Sage Mode, that Sage Mode is a particular one [and I still sustain it!] and that, rather Sakura will be the one displaying Slug Sage Mode. That Hashirama’s Sade Mode wasn’t the Slug’s one. So, as we all know… I made Kishimoto foreshadowing Sakura’s development via Hashirama Senju [2] (to share other found info in regards to their symbol similarity) and Spiritual Enlightenment: Sakura Haruno, Slug Sage Mode and possible genjutsu connection. (sadly this is one of the theories I couldn’t recover)

Also, a lot of these affirmation were based on the fact that both the symbol on Hashirama’s forehead, as well as Byakugo seal on Sakura’s forehead and her symbol in this cover, have similarities in common. Lots of them. But then, the story progressed and while I was doing crazy connections with Sakura’s clan symbol, given that I had seen it appearing in many instances like we see there, as well as, certain implications and meanings her symbol might hold, some things clicked. Before they clicked, I did two more theories: Thoughts about Kaguya Otsutsuki + theories (which rose initially from Spiritual Enlightenment: Sakura Haruno, Slug Sage Mode and possible genjutsu connection, given how I saw some connections there as well) and Theory: Sakura’s possible Slug Sage Mode “Powers”.

All these until here, which seemed to be really chaotic, became clear when this particular panel appeared:

When this panel appeared, it totally clicked with me and I knew from then that Sakura, in some way, it’s gonna be connected to this whole Naruto, Sasuke, Sage, Kaguya Otsutsuki and so. But before going there and tell you how I believe this will nicely come to full circle (nice touch there, Kishi!), I need to do a little thing. Meaning, disproving the fanon fact according to which, Sakura isn’t from a ninja clan. That her parents are civilians, they are not from a special clan or so.

First of all, let me say you that in canon manga, this has not been stated as an undeniable canon fact! Probably, this idea started from the fact that Sakura, apparently, had no special ability. Which is even stated by Shikamaru when he, together with Sakura and Naruto, go after Sasuke who has went after Gaara in the Chuunin Exam times. To be more precise, here:

But no special ability doesn’t equal with not being from a clan. Will be developing more on that later, but for now, let’s just remember that having no special ability doesn’t mean you are not from a clan.

What needs to also be addressed as well, is a certain misconception from where, people started believing that Sakura is just a normal girl, from no ninja clan, because “Kishi said so in an interview“. I will be addressing the interviews in cause, to be more specific, a certain handful of questions which refer strictly to Sakura.

SJ: Sakura and Rock Lee don’t appear to have any of the special powers that ninja like Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara have – do you think those two characters are popular because they provide a kind of reader’s-eye view of the story as it unfolds?
MK: Is Sakura popular in the U.S.? Well, Lee only has taijutsu. And as a girl, Sakura is [physically] weaker than the others. So I can see why it’s easy to empathize with them. They represent human weaknesses.

As we can see here, the comparison between Sakura and Rock Lee and ninjas like Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara is made, but Kishi nowhere says that she doesn’t come from a ninja clan, that she’s just a human. He says she represents human weakness. That is all! Do not confuse it with what’s not to be confused!

Also, we have another question that tricked the mind of many readers:

NC: We know a lot about Naruto, Itachi, Gaara and Kakashi, but does Sakura have dark secrets we don’t know about yet?
MK: She’s a normal girl, so I haven’t given it much thought.

As we see here, the interviewer refers to dark secrets Sakura might have, compared to Naruto, Itachi, Gaara and Kakashi. Kishi says she is a normal girl, that he hasn’t given it much thought. While it might be argued that the fact that he said she is a normal girl could be taken in a confusing context, Kishi never said that she is not from a ninja clan. He said that she’s just a normal girl, who, compared to the likes of Naruto, Itachi, Gaara and Kakashi (a.k.a no family drama involved; no dead parents, no killed clan, no parents who committed suicide or trying to kill their own kind. No, just a normal girl from a normal family) doesn’t have dark secrets because he hasn’t been given it much thought.  While the idea of a dark past of Sakura’s would’ve totally been interesting to many, I am sure, Kishi didn’t take it into consideration, however, he never says that she is just a normal girl, from no clan.
Find the interviews @

Yes, she is a normal girl, yes, seemingly (and you’ll understand later what I mean by that), she doesn’t have a special ability. But, nowhere is it said that she doesn’t belong to a clan. Nor that her clan doesn’t have anything special about it. We could speculate, of course, how much we want. At the moment, what we know from canon is that: a) Sakura is part of a clan and b) We know nothing about her clan.

Let’s start first with how Sakura’s clan symbol is represented in the manga:

As we see, this is how Sakura’s clan is represented in the very first beginning of the series, when her character appeared. Which, let me make a bracket, is highly similar to a certain’s someone costume, nowat the very end of the series:

What do we have here? Oh, right… The very same circle. Now, this might not have anything with it in terms of romance, however, it might have something in terms of some sort of potential connection between them or power-up/something like that, that Sakura might get in the story due to possible connections of her clan I am going to speak about.

Because that sign on Naruto’s belly appeared after he received the power-up from the Sage, which is, as we can see, the very same circle, no doubt.
And I think that it’s like that because, as I said here, I believe Sakura is related to the full moon (represented by the circle both on Naruto and Sakura’s clothes) through Kaguya, like I suspected in two of my theories from here and also here (I even mention they’re connected).
There’s a lot of symbolism that possibly connects Sakura in this whole Naruto, Sasuke, Sage and Kaguya story – because yes, it’s fanon fact that Sakura isn’t from a ninja clan. Or that her ninja clan is a clan made out of civilians. Her parents are civilians! But not because they don’t belong to a clan, but because they didn’t made it to a ninja status. Like, for example, to make a simple analogy: genins, chunins, jonins are military/police. The Chuunin Exam is taken so you can be able to become one of those. However, none of Sakura’s parents are!
Even in Road to Ninja, when she talks with Naruto on the swing, she bad-mouths her mom because she has no hopes of ever becoming a Jonin.
After that, we see her saying she wishes she’d had more respectable parents, like everyone else.

Because Sakura refers to her parents as not being able to become respectable “Police officers” aka Jonins, like the other parents of her friend’s. No, hers decided to stay civilian. However, don’t confuse that with not being part of a clan.

Because, otherwise, her family has the same representatives of a clan, they just aren’t military forces, like the other parents. But they do have a clan and it is identified by their clothing which can be found not only on Sakura’s clothing, but on her mom’s as well. Their clan’s identity can be recognized by the following patterns:

As we can see, the symbol can be found on women’s clothes, so they are the ones representing the Haruno “legacy”, to say it like that. I find that interesting, to say the least and my senses lead me to Kaguya’s direction all the way. I will explain in a moment why. But until then, I hope the image I  just created with the explanation I just gave will clear for you guys that in the actual canon story, it was never stated, nor implied that Sakura isn’t from a ninja clan. She just (apparently) had no special ability.

Now, we know that the moment Naruto received the mysterious power-up from Hagoromo, a sign appeared on his hands, as well as on his clothes. Sign that, represents nothing but the full moon, while Sasuke’s the crescent one.
However, we also notice a big indication: it’s the same symbol that we, earlier, identified as being worn by the women of the Haruno clan.

Now, this is where I think everything connects. Every previous theory of mine comes full circle, funny enough. As I was saying earlier, between doing my crazy theories, I always noticed while I was doing crazy connections that Sakura’s symbol, the circle, seems to be appearing everywhere: Hashirama’s forehead symbol, Naruto’s Kurama costume, in the Rinnegan’s pattern, absolutely everywhere. And it has been appearing ever since, in Sakura’s introduction as a character, the symbol appeared as being part of her character’s design.

Now, as we learned in the manga, the symbol represents the full moon. In the theories I had come-up by now, I connect Sakura to Kaguya Otsutsuki given different elements, mythology stories Kishi inspired his characters from and all that. We know it.

At first, I missed something. I just knew they were connected, given how ever since Kaguya Otsutsuki was brought-up as a character in this manga, Sakura started to be more prominent. And while now, it sure seems to be about only the Sage and his sons and their reincarnations, therefore the story at the moment focuses more on Naruto and Sasuke, we are given the information that all the focus on Naruto and Sasuke now is because of a certain Kaguya Otsutsuki – the Sage’s mother, and we learn some things about her that, if we know a little bit of mythology and had been following Kishi’s writing pattern, you think about none other than Sakura Haruno.

First of all, let me remind you that at the Jump Festa 2008 edition, when Kishi was asked what were his plans for the next year, the answer was the following:

2. What’s gonna happen next year?
Kishi: Started with Sasuke vs Itachi battle.
I’m gonna write about mainly Sasuke next year. And Kakashi and Sakura, after that. Especially Kakashi. I can’t tell yet but a huge event will happen to him.

As we can see, Kishi was promising at that time he would be writing about Sasuke and Itachi’s battle. And he did so. Afterwards, he promised that he will be writing about Kakashi, to whom a huge event will happen, and Sakura.
As we had witnessed and have currently been witnessing, the huge event that happened to Kakashi was discovering his dear friend, Obito Uchiha is still alive, whose story is slowly, but surely being closed.

Now, as we see, Obito is about to die (be it by Black Zetsu takeover or Madara kills him, who knows), and the one in the picture, on who the focus is slowly dropping on is none other than Sakura. Yes, Sakura!
You should ask yourselves… is it actually strange that slowly but surely, Sakura is taking the spotlight – after Kakashi’s huge event (just like he said in 2008) that was supposed to happen to him comes to an end? All while in the meantime, we learn about a super-powerful lady from the past who kicked everybody’s asses and did it by putting them in a huge genjutsu, so she could rull over them all?
And, strangely enough or conveniently enough, take it as you want, Sakura’s clan symbol is being brought to our attention after the two male protagonists receive a power-up from the Sage itself, the son of the aforementioned powerful lady. And not strange at all, Sakura’s symbol is a visual representation of that power, of that lineage. Don’t you guys find it odd at all?

Well, I do! That’s why I have been making these theories along the years and they now finally come together.

So, as we saw, Sakura’s clan symbol comes in play when Kaguya Otsutsuki is mentioned. Before even being brought to a better light, by the time Kishi drew her in a just a simple, single panel, I noticed something, as I showed you around Tumblr. Mainly, this particular resemblance:

At that time, I wasn’t exactly sure what the connection between those elements were, although, I theorized based on certain mythological elements behind character creation Kishi uses, there is a certain connection between Kaguya Otsutsuki and Sakura. But… this mystery with the knife always remained. That, until on Tumblr, a dear anon came and told me something I knew but… for some reason, I decided to let it out of the equation. It was slipping my mind. For whatever reason, I don’t know.
After chapters kept coming, new information surfaced, me thinking about all my theories, feeling something is missing because they all seem to be leading to a potential Sakura deep involvement in the new plot, when I though deeply something clicked.

So, you see, as we discussed until now, the symbol on Naruto’s belly is Sakura’s one. We established it’s fanon fact that she isn’t part of a ninja clan, on the contrary. But we know nothing about it. And this is why, I think that now, finally, through the newly appearance of the symbol in the story and the newly mysteriously introduced Kaguya and, to some extent, the Sage himself (since we kinda already knew about his existence), I think we will find out.

Now, in all my previous theories, the common denominator, element, whatever you want to call it was the circle symbol who appeared through various places, but was initially established as being Sakura’s clan symbol.  Now, that circle appears and we learn it represents the Sage‘s Senjutsu.
Now, funny enough, as I was saying, in the beginning of the story, what lead us to believe that Sakura wasn’t from a ninja clan was the fact that she is said to be a kunoichi with no special talent. But even more funny enough, moments before Shikamaru’s statement about Sakura being a kunoichi with no special talent, she had just given us a taste of what she was to be hailed for in this manga: chakra control which makes her a perfect genjutsu type. And she’s shown dispelling a high-level genjutsu on Naruto, as Kakashi praises her for her genjutsu aptitudes, right after. Later, thanks to this, it allows her to become a medical ninja. As a medical ninja, she is allowed to, metaphorically speaking “give life”, up to a certain point, until she gets the Byakugo seal and becomes a real fact, as we’ve seen with her demonstration when she healed the Shinobi Alliance.

So, all throughout the manga, Sakura is hailed numerously for her genjutsu potential, as well as her perfect chakra control, which allows her to master the seemingly impossible to master – Byakugo seal.
Now, in terms of chakra control, we have seen it numerous times through her medical procedures and chakra enhanced strength how it is. But it has been told to us that she is a genjutsu type in the beginning of the manga. And afterwards, when part 2 starts, we learn she became the apprentice of the one hailed to be the most powerful kunoichi of all times.
Which makes us question how Sakura, as a normal girl, with no special abilities or clan, can ever surpass an offspring from two of the most powerful hailed clans in Naruto history, the Uzumaki and Senjus? So we question how could she surpass such a genetically enhanced monster (sorry for the lack of  better words, if I offend someone, though Tsunade is my second fave after Sakura) and the answer is given to us before we could barely address the question: through her genjutsu skills.

But by that time, we get excited and await for more and, as the time passes in the manga, Sakura’s capabilities as a shinobi in terms of chakra control and medical ninjutsu prowess is given to us.
But she seemingly barely can get to Tsunade’s level! She doesn’t even have the seal! Three years (Kishi making use once again of the triad concept) already passed and nothing… until boom! Sakura bloomed and so did her Byakugo seal. She is now on par, medically speaking, with her master, Tsunade. She can heal as good as her, if not better, as I presented to you the link when I mentioned she healed the Shinobi Alliance.

But we still don’t know anything about her clan. She is yet to surpass her master and her genjutsu prowess still has to come into question.
All of these unanswered possibilities, up until now.
Because as the story unfolds, we learn about Sage Mode, we know that this manga is heavily based on the triad concept, from which are inspired both Team 7 and the Sannins along their summons.
You see that two of the summons have a Sage mode, another mysterious Sage Mode appears, yet the one you’d expect given the triad concept is yet to come.
All this until Shikkotsurin comes more into play, Sakura becomes more prominent, Kishi teases us with half-opened seals and shoves Hashirama’s Sage Mode into our eyes, which interestingly enough, has Sakura’s symbol involved as well.
He is shoving more and more Naruto and his new flashy costume, we get once again Sakura’s symbol involved, we get a to meet a past relic and we learn a new story about an evil lady who was once good but then became evil, who became consumed by the desire of power and ruled over everyone else with genjutsu. And she happens to be named Kaguya Otsutsuki, who had the Rinnegan, which oddly enough is formed from circular patterns, which, visually speaking, is like her third eye (Byakugo rings in anyone’s heads? No? It’s just me? Oh… okay!)

So it’s like… Sakura symbol on Hashirama involved – leads you to think about Sakura. Sakura’s symbol involved on Naruto’s costume after he gains a new power from the Nine Tails, who has it from the Sage, who had it from his mother, Kaguya, whose mother has it from the cutie tree pie, called Shinju, the God Tree – yet again, because the symbol is Sakura’s, it makes you think about her.
But she is yet to be seen, we know nothing about her clan. On the contrary, she wears military equipment now, it’s easier to not even remember it, because they’re all the same and all of them, oddly enough (*wink wink*), have the Uzumaki symbol on them.
So, who would remember at a time like this, Sakura Haruno’s symbol? Especially when Kishi took care to reveal next to nothing about it.
We learned about the antagonist’s symbol, we learned about the protagonist’s symbol but nothing about the heroine’s one… But once again oddly enough, at a certain point in the story (and by that, I mean about now… currently…), her symbol is brought up (which makes you think about her), which means tons of things and all are linked to different characters in different shapes, but they all lead, commonly to Sakura and meaning behind her character/design and characteristics in the story. So logically your thoughts go to her once again.

Then, a certain element in the story is being made more and more of importance, oddly and funny enough, once again, it’s the same element that Sakura is said to be hailed in the future: genjutsu. You guys don’t find odd at all that genjutsu comes more prominent and suddenly Sakura’s symbol becomes more and more featured in the series? When Kishi has always been “Sakura genjutsu this, Sakura genjutsu that”. You don’t find it odd at aaaaaaall, right?

And this genjutsu thing is connected to a lady named Kaguya, whose name and other story characteristics and elements make you think about Sakura because there’s some mythology and story-telling elements that make you link the two.

So, Sakura’s circle symbol appears on Hashirama Senju, who was said to have been compared to the Sage of Six Paths and his power, both being the Buddha of the story, in certain ways. Be it we are talking in a spiritual way, through their powers or roles.
Hashirama through his Bindu symbol and the Sage, through his third eye. Funny enough, the Byakugo seal present on Sakura’s forehead means 100 healings but as we know, written in a certain way also means “Fine White Hair“, which is a white swirl of fine hair on the forehead of the Buddha, represented in art by a spiral or a dot, or even a gem or pearl. Funny, right?
We also know that this represents the third eye (hello Hashirama’s bindu symbol, Sage’s forehead and Kaguya Otsutsuki’s forehead) which allows one to see past the mundane world and into the divine world. Do you want me to explain what this means figuratively or can I be blunt and explain what this means in terms of Naruto?!

Simply put, would allow one to see or possibly break through someone’s genjutsu. A very badass genjutsu. Kaguya-Otsutsuki/Currently Madara-Uchiha-Kaguya-Otsutsuki-Wanna-Be Tsukuyomi grand level genjutsu, if you know what I mean. You knoow, that grand genjutsu everyone trends about in Narutoverse at the moment.

Okay, so with that being said and cleared, as we can see, Sakura’s symbol represents quite some things as well as her recently acquired Byakugo which, as already established, connect her to the Sage’s family/legacy in terms of possible plot and mythology behind the character that’s been used.
More exact, his mother. And well, with the tree as well since, uhm, well given all this come from the tree itself, because momma Kaguya ate the forbidden apple… And since I connected the tree to Hashirama’s Sage Mode in this theory, now it could explain how, through this aspect of potential parallelism Sakura has with Kaguya, her symbol appeared on Hashirama’s Sage mode as well, while the same sign represents Sakura’s herself.
Think about it: Hashirama’s Sage Mode comes from the Shinju. The Shinju now seems to be a mix of Kaguya and the tree itself. We know that the chakra comes from the Holy Tree and the moment Kaguya ate the fruit, she could use chakra. Which means, Kaguya made use of the Shinju’s natural chakra (or Sage chakra, as we all know it).
If Hashirama’s Sage Mode comes from the Shinju itself this would explain his particular Sage Mode being out of the reach of the Animal Trinity. As well, it would also explain the meaning behind the Haruno symbol via the Sage’s story with his mother and Shinju tree.

The circle represents chakra. Sage chakra. That’s why it appeared on Naruto’s belly the moment he received the power-up from the Sage. Because the Sage has it by inheritance from his mother, who stole it from the Shinju. And the moment Kaguya ate the fruit, she left this “inheritance” upon generations and generations after herself, starting all, of course, with her children.
Because as we’ve saw, Naruto and Sasuke received chakra from the Sage, who, as we established, was inherited genetically by the Sage via his mother, who, of course, has it from the Shinju.
So if this sign appeared when Naruto received the Sage’s chakra, it appears on Hashirama’s Sage Mode which, if going by my theory, making the assumption his Sage Mode comes indeed from the tree itself, it would explain why he has the same circle. Because all that chakra comes from the same source: Hashirama’s from the Shinju itself and Naruto/Sasuke’s from the Sage come from Kaguya, who stole it from the tree.

But that leaves us with the question: why is this symbol with the Haruno clan? What’s their connection with this Shinju tree? So what could these all mean in terms of Sakura’s character and her unknown clan status with the recent findings? What could the Haruno clan be? Would they have a specialty? Why the symbol appeared when the Sage, son of Kaguya Otsutsuki, handed Naruto the power, which is said to represent the Sage’s senjutsu? What is the connection with Kaguya Otsutsuki? What relevance Sakura has in this? Does this answer some long-un-answered questions? – these would be just some questions that go through my mind.

Now, with the facts being laid, connections made, some mythology being thrown in the mix and the constant being there, all the time, let’s make the assumption. So, my theory is this:

Based on what I discussed with that anon earlier, about the knife in Sakura’s mouth, the Dead Reaper Seal’s mouth (which I theorized in one of the connections that it’s Kaguya Otsutsuki in some shape, we just have to find out which), Kaguya Otsutsuki herself and the inspiration behind her character, I came to a conclusion that ties all the previous theories together in one last theory. So I am either right or wrong.

That knife is known as a bamboo cutting knife. As we all know, Kaguya Otsutsuki is inspired from Princess Kaguya, otherwise known as the Bamboo Cutter from the folktale with the same name, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.

So, by now, what do we have in common? Sakura is drawn on a cover with a bamboo cutting knife and Kaguya Otsutsuki is inspired from the folktale named, funny enough – The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, whose protagonist is called Kaguya. 
We learn that “It primarily details the life of a mysterious girl called Kaguya-hime, who was discovered as a baby inside the stalk of a glowing bamboo plant. She is said to be from Tsuki-no-Miyako (月の都 The Capital of the Moon)”.

So, what do we have next? Besides Sakura being drawn on a cover with a bamboo cutting knife, we also learn that Kaguya is inspired from a tale, whose protagonist said to be from the Capital of the Moon. Well, funny enough, the manga tells us via Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Kaguya’s son himself that his mother came from a far-away land. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the respective far-away land Kishi is talking about in the manga, via Hagoromo, is the moon, like in the tale from which Kaguya Otsutsuki herself is inspired. However, at this point in the manga it would be really hard for Kishi to explain another universe and how would life be possible there.

Now, funny enough, what do we learn? That Kaguya Otsutsuki, mother of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, comes from the moon (basing it on the folktale), which visually is represented by a circle when Hagoromo Otsutsuki gives Naruto his Senjutsu, which, funny enough, is the exact same circle that appears on Sakura’s clothes, as a clan symbol representative.

So, with this, the natural question comes: then what is the Haruno clan supposed to be doing/be specialized in/do? What about these guys, really?
Well, I have no clear answer myself, but based on some elements of the manga, like the things I just explained to you, and others, such as Sakura’s natural knack for chakra control and genjutsu, my guess is that if the Haruno clan is supposed to excel at something, I think it might be chakra control.
Remember when I told you earlier as I was showing you the picture with Sakura’s mom clothes and Sakura herself and the symbols? And I was saying that I find it interesting that the symbol can be found only on the women’s clothes of the clan, something like… only they represent the clan. Or only they are the image of the clan or something like that, know what I mean?

And I say I find this interesting because well, as the story has shown to us by now… in each era/generation, we have a powerful female character that is involved in the overall story/plot, even if, in some cases, to a lesser extent. Sakura is the female parallel of every women in the previous generations: Mito, Tsunade, Kushina and most recently, Rin. I don’t think I need to go in full detail on why. That’s basic reading comprehension. Period.

Now, as I also said earlier and in my other theories, this manga is heavily based on the triad concept: three tomoe sharingan, three legendary sannin, three man cells, 3 levels of sharingan evolution, so on and so fort. Now, when it came to eras and characters, each generation had a strong powerful female correspondent which Sakura parallels or is connected to, in a certain way, depending on how the plot dictates.
So, what about this?! Well, we learn about the fact that this triad concept formed from 2 powerful male figures and a female one, dates ever since old times. So, by eras, we have first: Kaguya Otsutsuki, Hagoromo Otsutsuki and Unidentified Hagoromo child&brother. Then in-between of course, we have a pause for the celestial broship of Naruto and Sasuke’s, aka Hagoromo and his two kids. What’s interesting to notice is that it’s still based on the triad concept, it’s just not the same formula. However, after that, each generation had the respective triad concept recipe: two powerful male presence and one female, which Sakura parallels. So we have Hashirama/Jiraiya/Obito and Madara/Orochimaru/Kakashi (half the story, cause the other half he switched places with Obito, lol) and the female presences: Mito/Tsunade/Rin, all who parallel Sakura in one way or another, in the story.

So now, if we have a female correspondent in the Narutoverse Konoha generations and we have the same recipe of the triad concept: two powerful male figures and a powerful female presence and if Naruto and Sasuke parallel the male figures, it doesn’t take a genius to figure who would parallel Kaguya. Hence, we’re left with Sakura.

And I find it interesting that there is this potential that Sakura might be paralleled/connected to Kaguya, a powerful female presence in Narutoverse’s history and the fact that the Haruno symbol is apparently only present on their female counterparts. To me it would seem very not so coincidental. But hey, maybe I am reading too much into it!

However, as I said, I don’t think there is no connection between the fact that Sakura’s clan symbol represents the moon and the fact that Kaguya, in the original folktale and in the story itself, Kishi implies she comes from the moon. Not to mention how the almighty Mugen Tsukuyomi can be done through the moon.
Also, I don’t think there is no connection either between the fact that Kishi purposely chose to represent another Buddhist figure through a female representative and drew her possessing 3 eyes, from which, the third was placed on the forehead. Funny placement to pick when the seal on Sakura’s forehead means the third eye who is able to see beyond the mundane world and into the divine world and Kaguya Otsutsuki is shown to be keeping the people in Mugen Tsukuyomi via her third eye, a Sharingan. As we know Sharingan = Genjutsu.

Probably she used the Byakugan (since we find out in the story she possesses that as well) to check upon their chakra networks as it was hailed to be better in terms of insights than the Sharingan, while, with the Sharingan (third eye) she was keeping them in the Eternal Tsukuyomi.

And like we established earlier, that in terms of Naruto means seeing through a genjutsu with the possibility of breaking it, something Sakura has been shown to do and has been hailed for as a bonus in her way of surpassing her master. Hence, if things are going to turn out this way, Sakura would have long surpassed her master without having to worry about the drawbacks of jutsus such as Sozo Saisei or Byakugo.

Speaking of which, genjutsu and the third eye I mean, isn’t it funny how, in the very canon manga, Kishi shows us how Kaguya was keeping the people of the world, to say it like that, under her control, under her genjutsu, via her third eye, the Sharingan one?

Meaning, she was keeping them under the big world genjutsu, aka to us Eternal Tsukuyomi. Therefore, based on this connection and the fact that in the manga Sakura has been shown to dispel high level genjutsu, and how we established in Spiritual Enlightenment: Sakura Haruno, Slug Sage Mode and possible genjutsu connectionthe Byakugo seal presumably needs a high level of spiritual enlightenment, and also given how we already established this manga plays a lot on the triad concept – one of the concepts present in this manga is the eyes, body and mind one. We have the eyes – Sasuke, the body – Naruto.  But what about the mind?
So from this equation and the previous connections and also from this beautiful post I read on Tumblr, like it said there and I have been thinking about it myself, it’s very intentional from Kishi’s part to show Sakura only dispelling genjutsu after making a big deal out of it and when it comes to applying it, Sharingan is shown to be the root of it. In a very ironical sense, remember when she had the fight with Naruto when she confessed, about the fact that she can’t be a child anymore and that she has to face reality (referring to Sasuke. Sasuke = Sharingan = Genjutsu = Illusions. You get the deal *wink wink*). I find it to be a nice, subtle touch of Kishi’s. 

However, getting past that, given the aforementioned theory and all the other details, what I think it will happen is that her genjutsu skills will come to play when maybe Madara-Uchiha-Kaguya-Otsutsuki-Wanna-Be or someone else decides to go through with Mugen Tsukuyomi. From here, we have several options.

You know, earlier we talked about the bamboo cutting knife and Sakura/Kaguya’s connection. Now, as I presumed in one of my theories, the Spiritual Enlightenment one and the possible Slug Sage Mode Power-ups Sakura might get, I think she will surely get two particular power-ups.

One is going to be connected to the Byakugo seal given it means the third eye on Buddha’s forehead, which in the manga is represented by Kaguya’s third sharingan on the forehead (which was used for controlling people through genjutsu).
In terms of Sakura relevancy, in Slug Sage Mode, she could get that powerful that she’d be able to break the genjutsu linking it to the symbolism of being able to see past the mundane world. Sakura will be able to see past the genjutsu and break it. And on the other side, she might get the body enhancements I said in the possible Slug Sage Mode Power-ups which I connected to Kaguya and Kimmimaro Kaguya and if you remember, in there, I talked about how Shikotsumyaku and Shikkotsurin both refer to dead bones and have in common the durability.

Well, the Dead Bone Forest (Shikkotsurin) could very well be a bamboo forest. Which would link it to the significance of the folktale, as well as, we could be finally seeing the big axes Sakura uses, as a sign of the “cutter” – given how Kaguya which by now we go by the presumable fact that she is paralleled with Sakura, is known to be the Bamboo Cutter.
Now, in this generation we would have a new Bamboo Cutter in the presence of Sakura and those big axes she’s been drawn with, as I said, could finally come to play.
Or, the axes will never appear, but they will be serving as a symbolical sign of Sakura being able to break Kaguya’s genjutsu. As in, “cutting her bamboo”, kind of thing, see what I mean? [Aka breaking Kaguya’s genjutsu and that’s metaphorically represented by the axes, which represent Sakura. Something like those axes are metaphorically speaking, Sakura’s power, aka her power to break genjutsu. Let’s see now which variant Kishi will choose).
I, for one, prefer with the axes being… tangible.

The other particular power-up she might get that I have been talking about is the one I said in Slug Sage Mode Power-ups Sakura might get.
As in, one based on Kimimaro Kaguya’s skeletal structure – which I theorized is linked to Kaguya Otsutsuki given certain canon elements. And this also would tie it nicely with  Kishimoto foreshadowing Sakura’s development via Hashirama Senju, where I talked about the symbol on both of them and their meaning.
It is also nice that it would explain why certain Hashirama jutsus and so have a flower name which makes you think about Sakura, and all the other things I established there, like how the Senju clan was the forest clan and Katsuyu resides in a forest.
Maybe it is a forest, but not the same forest. Maybe Katsuyu’s residence is a bamboo forest, and while it would be a forest, this would be rather a particular one. Similar to Senju, but not Senju. Nice trick there, Kishi!

I theorized that the Slug Sage Mode might be connected to Kimimaro Kaguya, and I remember I was describing once the forest of bones he made when he fought Gaara.
I remember how I described it as being a forest of bones, which, in a way, is similar to a forest of bamboo trees. Plus, to my knowledge (maybe I am wrong, not an expert in the domain), the Bamboo trees are empty on the inside, but their structure, their very own material is strong, even if it’s empty on the inside. Funny how this, somehow, makes me think about Shikkotsurin’s meaning: Damp Bone Forest. Usually, the territory and the climate of the two are similar, right?

There are a multiple possibilities, but the fact that the Haruno symbol might be at the center of everything… Hashirama’s forehead in SM, Naruto in KCM and in Six Path’s Mode and all the others, in terms of chakra/senjutsu chakra/Shinju tree and the fact that the original chakra comes from it and it’s represented by Sakura’s symbol, it’s astounding.
In the end, it’s no wonder that in the beginning, Sakura is the one shown to us being a very knowledgeable girl when it comes to chakra and, years later in Part 2 she is shown to us exiting from Naruto’s belly, where currently the sign is drawn, which has been Sakura’s ever since the very beginning of this manga. Kishi do likes to come to full circle with his stories.
Then, on the other side, Shinju Tree has some unfinished business with momma Kaguya Otsutsuki, which, as we’ve seen through the folktale and Kishi’s story, it all connects to Sakura.

So you see, there are these little details here and there in the story which tells us the story what’s about to be unfold. Of course, we cannot know all the details. But we can theorize. I may have skipped over some of them myself. If I remember on the way, I’ll keep adding, but until then, this is kinda it.

I know it’s long and it might not make sense, but if you have the patience to read all and think about the manga overall, I promise it will make sense.

The basic idea of the theory is that we will soon find out what about Sakura’s clan, what does her clan symbol represents, and how do I think her story will be unfold in terms of power-ups. And how her clan symbol and a little knowledge of folktale and mythologies behind characters, can reveal you what Kishi plans to do with his characters.

You might wonder yourself why Kishi brought this now? Well, as I always say, he always brings Sakura in the spotlight when all the 3 of them are together, when the triad concept is complete. Like I said in one of my theories, in Chinese mythology, her circle also represents the duality between Heaven and Earth. Besides Naruto and Sakura who have been compared with Heaven and Earth, Naruto and Sasuke have been named like that also.

Which, if connected to the triad concept, gives us the solution to the equation: Sasuke and Naruto are to Sakura the light and the dark part of her. When Heaven and Earth come together, they become one, the third part, the whole part. She represents that third, whole part, that comes after you unite the two together.

As we can see here, we have Sakura and half dark Sasuke with half light Naruto. Which is also interesting because I have noticed a little thing that strengthens the idea. In the manga, as Madara was telling his history lessons to the audience, he mentions about the Sage’s teachings. And then, the Sage himself comes alon and talks to Naruto about his teachings and lets us know he had taught Ninshuu, not Ninjutsu.
Funny enough, the symbol representative for that is none other than… guess which one:

So this, made me think… The symbol is supposedly to represent Ninshuu, the Sage’s teachings according to which, he wished for people to connect their spiritual energy (aka their minds/feelings) so that they could come together as one and understand each other. That’s the basis of it. And, as we see, oddly enough is represented by Sakura’s symbol, therefore, this makes me believe as well that the Haruno symbol could have been practitioners, pioneers, or something like that of the Ninshuu. Because Ninshu doesn’t require any particular ninjutsu style. And the Haruno don’t seem to have any special ability from what we could witness with Sakura. She just knows a lot about chakra and has the best chakra control over it. Coincidence much? I don’t think so.

And this is beautifully, symbolically represented. When the two parts, Yin and Yang (aka Naruto and Sasuke) will come together, connect and understand each other (symbol which is represented, once again, by Sakura’s one), the world will know peace.

What Sakura wants more in this manga? For Team 7 to come back. Hence, when Yin and Yang aka Naruto and Sasuke come together (because supposedly by that time, they had connected and understood each other, which once again be reminded, is represented by Sakura’s symbol), the world shall know peace. When Naruto and Sasuke will make peace, Team 7 is going to be back together. This means Sakura will be happy, has found peace. This also means she has found balance as well. And Kishi is really subtle with this. Once again used the triad concept which means balance. You all know that the perfect balance is achieved in 3, right? Hello Sannins and Neo Sannins as well as Slug>Snake>Frog>Slug balance concept.

Her symbol represents the chakra, the Ninshuu teachings and the whole connection things. Then we have Naruto and Sasuke. For her, Sakura, to be whole, she needs her two parts (Naruto and Sasuke). But for that to happen, they need to come to that understanding and connect, which is represented by the symbol. Nice touch there, right? For all to come full circle (Sakura), Yin and Yang (Naruto and Sasuke), need to come together as one, connect and understand each other.

Given how her symbol is representative for the chakra in the power-ups that they received, it’s a nice touch. Like I always said… Sakura is the glue of Team 7. And Kishi subtly shows us.

However, other things about what could be with the Haruno, I don’t know… maybe through their high intellect and enlightenment, they could achieve that state of high understanding or whatever it is that Ninshuu is teaching? We can never know for sure. But what we do know and can be sure of, is that the symbol that Sakura wears as a representative of the Haruno clan, is no coincidence my dears.

With that being said, I will end here my theory and hope you guys got the idea from it. It’s quite a little bit hard to explain as there’s a lot of mythology behind the characters and given how this symbol is quite common when it comes to certain situations, it’s hard to explain how this could come back linked to Sakura.
But I hope you guys got it. If not and you have a question, let me know!

Hope you enjoyed the read!

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