In remembrance of the good ol’ days

Oh well, and because I feel a lil’ bit nostalgic after I seeing a YouTube video my boyfriend sent to me, I feel the need to talk about this nostalgic feeling of mine… or better said write.
Not that I wouldn’t have had of what to write about given that I was actually working on another post, regarding other concerns of mine, however being pleasantly surprised about this video (although some of you will surely not taste, maybe, the joke), I couldn’t help but remember … my bitches.
Until going further with explanations, I want to show you the video I was talking about. Meaning this one:

Some of you will surely not get the sarcas and from where this term. Many of you will find it offensive, and not understand the meaning behind this term, but I know that those who get it, will know what I’m talking about.

Oh well, long story short, I miss my old work colleagues and friends from Baldemia Dev (aka my old workplace). As you can see above, the video’s subject is a more… special one. However, this led my thought instantly to our coffee breaks and our vast discussion subjects that started from young children in small cases and were ending with priests, weddings and funerals.

I am not going to explain exactly what and how right now, because I would spend a lot of time doing that and I would be accused agaaaaaain of the fact that I talk/write too much. So, I will keep it short.
My dears – OanaRoxi , and all others, Andreea, Oana 2, Marcela and Romi, I wanted to tell you that I really really miss you and our fabulous mornings at Baldemia Mansion, where we were working like honest and fair people. Although the people around us, our neighbors had their own ideas about God knows what dirty deeds we were doing there.
Ntz, ntz, one cannot work tranquil nowadays, as there are some who are quick to jump to conclusions (this as a little calling to Oana’s article from yesterday).

Well… that’s about it. Who must understand the message, has surely done it until now. Who didn’t… oh well, hope you loved my sarcastic and at the same time funny video. If not, oh well, bad luck.

Sarcasm is so delish!

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